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This is what synology said to another user who had the same question: Due to the way Hyper Backup handles the versioning, it is no longer possible to really use multiple USB drives for the same task. The subsequent backups will fail when the database is inconsistent.

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It is required that you create a separate backup task for each USB device. Here is the link in case you want to read more about it: Hey Ruth, I noticed that since Hyper Back Up that the backed up data is not in a format that you can just access as raw data. Previously with Back up and Replicate the backed-up data was essentially just a mirror of the source data which you could easily plug into another computer and access individual files, for example a word document or photo.

Hi Satcha, have you tried this? I did not know about that tool at all no, I will try that now. I just read more carefully the other comments and note that is an issue shared by others as well. Are you aware of any other Synology tool that backs up data but does it like previous versions which do not need such a viewer?

Thanks for the direction so far! Perhaps there is an app for it? Great tip, I will and post about it.

Video walkthrough

Or perhaps you would like to do a guest post here? I have a question about backup to external drive. And The external drive is 8TB. Does it mean it will use up all the space after a week? Synology will do a 1TB data backup the first time and then write over the changes every night. Hi Ruth and to everyone on this site. Do you know how I can do that or a tutorial?

While this article is very useful, I have found that this application to be unreliable. What is the point of backing up if the application fails? You cannot trust it. Twice now there have been prolonged periods when Hyper Backup has failed to backup and in each case has been as a result of a DSM update! Hyper Backup just fails at the end of the backup with an exception error when the previous night it ran smoothly and apart from the update I had done nothing or changed anything.

Another update got the last backup task running again but the latest problem is still there. Probably until the next update.. Almost perfect but not quite and therefore useless. I find this is the best and simplest way to do it. I am planing to write a blog post about it in the near future. Otherwise, I qould be glad to hear how to do it.

I see that the backup can be done to an external drive. But is is possible to restore from the external drive to Synology? I am not seeing an option do do that. Please let me know. If the backup was done using HyperBackup option, the restore can be done. All you have to do is to have the disk connected and then from the hyper backup menu, chose the job and there is a little magnifying glass backup explorer.

From that, you can chose the version of the backup and the files you want restored.

Launching Time Machine on your Mac

Is it possible to change the destination of HyperBackup? Here is what happened. I wanted to take a 2nd backup on the 2nd drive after the backup was done to the first one. I used the default rotation option when I created the Hyper Backup job. My Backups take days to be finished.

Time Machine Backups with a Synology Diskstation

Thanks Phillip. Well, I agree with Pete: They try to make it super-efficient but it results as nonsensically complex and even annoying: Please spare me the encrypted data, the compressed-encrypted data, the encoded data. Sorry Ruth for my rantings on your blog: No worries, I dont really get the hyper backup either, but to be fair, I havent looked into it yet. But the point is, after a while the backup drive is full. Hence, the only solution is formatting the drive and make a fresh backup…not really a nice solution! Any suggestions? Is there any chance that such a backup, for example an initial one,can be read by Windows?

Thanks, Adrian. Just in case anyone else comes across this blog post and comments looking on how to solve this:. Install Hyper Backup package if not already installed 2. Open Hyper Backup 3. Select Remote Data Copy, click next, then continue on through the options. Thank you for this backupfaq.

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  • It was so confusing before I read this. Again , tnx for making sense of it all too me , Martib. Hi , I strated using hyperbackup on a separate usb disk. Seems to work fine. But what I dnt like is that I can see this usb drive in my windows explorer. I dont want drive being shared. But if I unshare it, then hyperbackup fails. Question is, how can I setup so that usb drive is unshared and Hyperbackup is working.

    How to configure your Synology NAS to back up your Mac with Time Machine • Infomaniak

    As it is a local drive to the NAS I dont see why sharing is needed. Specially with the ransomware virusses around. Synology has in-built the possibility to back up all your Synology data to: Step-by-step guide on how to back up your files 1. Click on the menu button 3.

    Volumes on the Synology Diskstation

    Click on it: Now you need to: Select which folders to backup: Select which applications to backup: Do as follows: Give a name to the backup job Enable task notifications if you want to receive an email when the back up job has been completed Enable compression of data and client side encryption And schedule your backups So that way I have the versioning with the Snapshots, I also set them visible so that everybody has access to previous version without having to ask me or another admin for their files in case of mishap.

    I also have the Hyperbackup on a second volume so if by any bad luck the volume one gets corrupted I would still have the data locally on it.

    Step Two: Enable Time Machine Access for the Share

    And, last but not least, I backup to an external destination so if fire strikes or theft, I still have everything elsewhere. I coule probably go without the Hyperbackup though but since it was already running before I migrated to btrfs I just reduced the number of backup to once a day to reduce the ressource it was taking while we are working. The rest of my data is either redownloadable or temporary.

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    • Thanks, Jeff! The mounted share point is interesting, but it seems difficult. One think I like about cloudstation is it uses your synologyID to figure out what the IP address of your synology.

      For some reason they do not let you use that technology to just mount a share point to your mac.